Madison Chain, Madison WI.

July 10th, 2011, Great Job Guy's! 49 fish caught!


Member Number of fish Total Weight Big Bass Tournament Points
Mike Kazmierczak 5 11.04  3.00 75
Travis Hendrix 5 10.3 2.10 74
Dan brown 5 8.13  - 73
John Angel 5 8.10 1.13 72
Rick Stroh 4 7.13 2.12
Rob Moskal 4 7.09 - 70
John Ruzich 3 6.8 2 69
Rick Pach 2 6.04  3.05 68
George Laniosz 2 5.15 *3.15 69
Roumel Reynon 3 5.15 -
Bob Goy 2 4.3 - 65
Ian Macdonald 2 3.15 - 64
David Lopez 2 3.13 2.06 63
Chuck Hennessey 2 3.13 - 62
Peter Laniosz 1 2.1 2.1
Ron Gustafson 1 2.0  2.0 60
Dennis Bubinas 1 1.12  1.12 59
Raymond Nekola 0 0.00  - 25
0 0.00  - 0


Mike Kazmierczak (right) 1st Place (11.04 lbs)

Travis Hendrix (right) 2nd Place (10.3 lbs)

Dan Brown (right) 3rd place (8.13 lbs)

George Laniosz with the big bass of the day, (3lbs 15oz)


The  Prairie State Bassmaster's Trail stopped at the Madison Chain of Lakes on July 10, 2011. It was a great fishing event, as fish were caught all over the chain, and in numerous ways. Some of the patterns were shallow running crank baits, Jigs in wood, docks, frogs, drop shot on weed edges, shakey head on docks and neck down current areas. The fishing was really good, with the club having its most productive tournament day on the water. All but one member caught a legal bass. All members did however catch bass in this tournament. There were Small mouth as well as largemouth caught. The weather was sunny and bright to start the day, changing to cloudy with thunder and wind by 11am. Air temps were in the high 80's, The water condition was a green tint, about 2 foot of visibility and water temps varied from 79 to 83 degrees. Mike "Kaz" Kazmierczak continued his charge to the six man state qualifying team by taking first place with 5 bass weighing 11.04 pounds, Club President Travis Hendrix came in second place with 5 fish weighing 10.30 pounds and Dan Brown came in third with 5 fish weighing 8.13 pounds. Honorable mention in this tournament goes to John Angel with five bass and non-boaters Rob Moskal and Rick Stroh both bringing in 4 bass each. George Laniosz wrestled the big bass of the tourney into the boat at 3.15 pounds. Also with 3 pound plus bass were "Kaz" and Rick Pach. Non-boaters should lobby to be in the back of Club Tournament Director Roumel Reynon's boat as there have been some impressive catches coming from the back deck of his boat.
 The points race and Angler of the Year is "hot" like the weather, as Club President Travis Hendrix took over 1st place with 393 points, John Angel is just one point behind in 2nd place with 392 points. Ian Macdonald is in third place with 373 points. Dennis Bubinas is close behind in 4th place with 361 points. Non-boater George laniosz sits in 5th place with 330 points and John Ruzich is holding down the last Six Man Qualifier spot with 325 points. The impressive tournament stats were as follows: 49 bass caught, for a total weight of 93.86 pounds. The average fish weighed 1.96 pounds. 18 anglers fished, 17 of which caught at least 1 keeper bass. 48 bass were released alive. Next tournament is on beautiful Lake Sara in southern Illinois on August 6, 2011. We had a fun tournament with some light hearted ribbing and plenty of comradery, food and drink.






















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