Mississippi River Pool 13

May 29th 2011



Member Number of fish Total Weight Big Bass Tournament Points
Peter Laniosz 2 6.1 *3.2 77
Roumel Reynon 2 4.14 2.11 74
Chuck Hennessey 2 4.9  2.11 73
John Angel 2 4.1 2.3 72
Travis Hendrix 2 3.12 2.5 71
Rick Pach 2 3.5 1.11 70
Dennis Bubinas 1 3.0 3.0 69
Dan Brown
1 2.10  2.10 68
Rob Moskal 1 2.9 2.9 67
Mike Kazmeirczak 1 2.9 2.9
Ron Gustafson
1 2.3 2.3 65
Ian MacDonald 1 2.0 2.0 64
George Laniosz 0 0 0 25
Dave Lopez 0 0 0 25
John Ruzich 0 0  0 25
Danny Simpson 0 0  0 25
Rick Stroh 0 0  0 25
0 0   0
0 0   0


Peter Laniosz (right) 1st Place 6.1 lbs


Roumel Reynon (right) 2nd place 4.14 lbs


Chuck Hennessey (right) 3rd place 4.9 lbs




A touch of fog in the morning, Later, heavy rain, thunder, lightning.


The Prairie State Bassmasters season is in full swing, with Peter Laniosz winning the storm shortened third tournament on the Mississippi river, pool 13. Peter, a non-boater was fishing with Mike "Kaz" Kazmierczak and brought in two impressive fish that tipped the scales at six pounds one ounce. The muddy Mississippi, held true to its name as the visibility in the river was about four to ten inches depending on the location you fished. The day started with dense fog which delayed the start of the tournament, and then severe lightning about half way through the day which ended the fishing for most competitors. Other notables for this tournament was a second place finish for Tournament Director Roumel  Reynon with two bass weighing four pounds fourteen ounces, and Peter Laniosz just edging out Dennis Bubinas' three pound bass, for big bass, with a bass that weighed three pounds two ounces. Stats for this tournament are; 17 competitors, 18 fish caught, 41.06 total pounds and an average of 2.28 pounds per fish. All fish were released alive.
Leading the angler of the year race is John Angel with 252points, second place is Travis Hendrix close on his heels with 245 points, followed by Dennis Bubinas with 238 points. There are six members within 50 points of the sixth spot with five tournaments remaining. Good luck to the six man team which returns to pool 13 on June 11 and 12 to battle other state federation teams and competitors. the tournament should produce some impressive bags, and our guys should be ready. The team consists of John Ruzich, Dennis Bubinas, Travis Hendrix, Ian MacDonald, John Angel, and George Laniosz.  The Prairie State Bassmasters travel to beautiful Lake Geneva, Wisconsin on June 25, 2011 and the next meeting will be held on July 5th, location to be determined.   




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